Friday, February 4, 2011

Green product review: Method dryer sheets

This may or may not be interesting to you. If it's not, I apologize. Come back tomorrow. I promise to be more interesting then.

Anyway... I thought that I'd start a weekly product review of some of the things I use that are more "green" in nature.

Note: This is not sponsored content. Method does not know who I am nor do they know I am using or reviewing this product. I simply like this enough to tell you about it :). My blog isn't wonderful enough for Method to even care. At all.

Moving on.

So what are we talking about?

Method dryer sheets.


You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that I liked the Charlie's for laundry washing but that I missed the softness of fabric. Well I tried to get over it and, aside from hating the crunchy socks, I really did in fact, get over it. However, I was at Whole Foods last week and I was just walking around the store looking at all the wonder that is that place and I always like to check out the cleansers and whatnot and I saw these:

This package is very small (though the photo may not indicate). It is about the size of say a small box of tea bags. And I was intrigued. They had a few 'flavors', which you can see here. I picked the "baby" version which is rice milk and mallow. Just so you're aware, mallow is a plant. They also have unscented but I found this scent to be very light and pleasant. A little like sweet milk.


1. They are wet. Like a baby wipe. Only slimy They are actually even the size of a baby wipe. (I don't use baby wipes.) This I find strange but ok.
2. They are good for two uses. Wow. Ok . That's awesome. And they really are.
3. Five-ish bucks for essentially 80 loads. Not too shabby. As long as your kids don't switch the laundry and lose it (I'm not naming names but it was my middle son). Also I bought them at While Foods but Target sells them and frankly it's probably generally cheaper to buy there but they were on sale at WF's so nothing lost.
4. The clothes are not static-y.
5. Also they smell good. Like really good. But not perfume-y or overbearing. Nice.
6. No animal testing (a must, but worth mentioning). Necessary.
7. The ingredients are natural:


All in all I feel pretty good about using the product as far as it's environmental impact is concerned (except what do I do with the wipe-y thing when I'm done. I mean I'm not even using paper towels.) Also I feel fine putting this on my peeps skin because it's not chemical-y.

And my socks aren't crunchy anymore.



Renee said...

Can you use the sheets then for dusting or something like that?

Lizzie said...

Can you compost them? Whatever dryer sheets I use I cut them in half or quarters. It takes so little product to be effective.

Erin said...

I LOVE THESE! I use the rice milk and mallow too, which is the same scent as their yummy baby lotion. I actually just switched from Charlie's Soap to Rockin' Green and I'm finding my clothes to be a lot softer. Cause crunchy socks stink. Even worse? Crunchy towels. ouchie.

The Great Quiram Adventure said...

I have tried re-using my sheets as dust clothes....didn't pan out so well. Bu they do make nice wrapping material for packing, kindling for a campfire (I am sure this releases some toxic gas but what gas that is I don't know). I also like using them inside of shelved books to keep bugs out as they are not fond of the remnant scent usually.

Joni said...

Ah thanks for the comments fellow green ladies. Dust cloths. Yeah Genny, what you said. Not so much. I like the book idea. Erin, tell me more. I almost bought rockin green after I read someone saying it solved the stinky (ammonia) diaper problem. But I was scared. Cause I'm resistant to change (Not really, I'm more just lazy and ordered my charlie's from the same place I always do)

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