Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bringing sexy (legwarmers) back

I knit.

Therefore I am. (Frustrated, that is.)

Well, I attempt to knit. That's something.

How cute is this yarn? I mean reeeally. Right.

This probably doesn't look like much.

That's because it's not.

It's not a hat. Or gloves. Or socks. Or even part of any of those things.

You may or may not pay any attention to fashion trends but in case you don't let me just tell you, legwarmers are back baby. And by back baby I mean back, for babies. Do NOT go buy yourself legwarmers. I don't care WHAT fashion trends say. The only person that should be wearing legwarmers is Olivia Newton John. In 1981.

And a baby.

These are legwarmers.

Bitty baby legwarmers.

I've been working on these since, well since Christmas. I have 2 inches of one done. At this rate she can wear them, say, sometime next year? I can't seem to finish any knitting or crochet project I start. The reason for this is:

a. I have children.
b. Four of them.
c. Children need things.
d. Like food.
e. And clean clothes.
f. And breastmilk (and unfortunately I need two hands to knit. Crap)
g. And attention.
h. And legwarmers. Oops. Working on that.
i. Also, it takes me so long to finish any project that by the third month I'm bored and working on another project too (can I get an amen?)

I probably should have made these bigger.

Like toddler size.


Staci said...

Amen sister :) cute yarn btw

Renee said...

Can boy babies wear legwarmers?

S.Lee said...

Your yarn is the shizzle. And whatever camera you're using is the shizzle, too.

Joni said...

It is my iphone. Please Please Please do not tell the real bloggers with real cameras ;)

jfrick78 said...

lol I tried to knit once before.....after three months I had a scarf that could have worked for Barbie, but never turned into much more.....at least you are trying....and lol at the thought of making them toddler sized for next year when they are done....

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