Monday, February 14, 2011

why we did it in the kitchen

Our little baby bean Ella was born at home.

In the kitchen.

{Please feel free to check this out if you're new to the blog or just have a spare hour (no, really, it's LONG).}

(that's me. active labor, around 5-6 cm dilated)

It seems like homebirth is becoming trendy.

We aren't trendy.

Sorry to disappoint.

I think most people are afraid to ask why we had a baby in the kitchen.

The truth is I did it because I wanted to eat pancakes in labor. OK that's not exactly why, but it's part of it.

We did it for a lot of reasons. Here's a few. (Bulleted list time folks.):
  • Because having a baby is a *natural* event. We believe the female body knows inherently what to do without being directed or interfered with.
  • Because we wanted *our* birth to be *our* birth. An intimate affair with the people we love, who love us (and Ella) to be present and included. This includes the 3 Big Kids. They were all there. That couldn't happen in a hospital.
  • Because I believe that birth is empowering. I know some people may think this is feminist garbage but I really do. And while not everyone wants to be empowered by birth, I did. And I was.
  • Because I wanted to birth in water.
  • And I didn't want ANY medication. Nope. None.
  • Because the statistics are scary. We didn't really want the hospital mucking with our baby's birth unless we needed them (which we felt pretty sure we wouldn't).
  • Because we knew if we needed them, we could go there. Like immediately. (This is one reason we had concurrent care with a hospital CNM who knew we weren't actually planning to GO to the hospital but who would be available for us should any need arise.)
  • Because we didn't want to have to fight the hospital to be able to go home early after the delivery and I knew I didn't want to be in the hospital (also because we knew we would decline erythromycin and Vit K, unless we felt they were needed {note: We did give Vit K orally, because of her hard time gettin out}).
  • Because we like the midwifery model of care.
  • And because we LOVE our midwife. And we knew she was equipped to handle most emergent situations (and boy was she ever).
  • Because, believe it or not, I'm a RN and I don't really think OB's know what's best for mom and baby. Shock. And Awe. (Dear OB's. I *love* you. I really do. We need you. Sometimes. Just not always. Sorry. No offense.)
  • Because women deserve to make an educated CHOICE about where and how they birth. Having a baby in the kitchen isn't for everyone. But it was for us.
  • Because I wanted to be in a pool, in my kitchen, singing The Commodores Brickhouse with my husband.

(You should know, I'm 10 cm dilated in this photo. For those who don't know what that means... the baby is about to come out. Like, immediately. I tried and failed to load a video. I have not yet given up.)

Second frequently asked question:

Wasn't I scared? No. I wasn't scared. I was excited.

I like pancakes.

And birth.

Homebirth: It's not for everyone but it was for us.

If you want to hear what the Man thinks about the birth... read his accounting here.


The Great Quiram Adventure said...

Pancakes are lovely! Matt's entry was so loving.

Erin said...

Awesome!! I walked into the hospital w/ my second in zero pain, no real contractions, 3.5 weeks early. I just "felt" weird. I was 6 cm dilated. Had her 4 hours later. Giving birth is amazing. And crazy.

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