Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad. Bad blogger.

I confess.

I am a bad blogger.

I wish I could offer a good reason for this but alas, I give you only this photographic evidence:

My kitchen.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

You see the Big Kids are back from their dad's house. They were gone 3 days and I missed them terribly. Admittedly though I did not miss the messy kitchen. In fact my kitchen was mostly clean for, you guessed it, 3 days.

I do not know what happened in the kitchen this morning. I think it might have been a bomb. Or a tornado. Please note: Geometry and Biology books on table. No, I am not a Sophomore in high school. Someone around here might be though, let me check. I'll get back to you. Also note: There are two pots of things cooking on my stove. Chicken (for chicken and dumplings) and pinto beans (for refried beans). And a box of Rice Krispies. Because I'm going to make Rice Krispie treats. If I can ever find my counter top. And speaking of the counter top, on the counter top you may see some carrots. I will make them eat carrots before the Rice Krispie treats. So that I don't get reported to CPS.

While the Big Kids are at their dad's house I have only Ella, myself and the Man to look after.

It's still a full time job.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon stripping cloth diapers. This is so. much. fun. (Not really.) And it leaves your house smelling fresh and clean. (If your idea of fresh and clean is the smell of boiling dawn dishsoap and urine.) Once I was done doing that I decided that pizza sounded good for dinner. (As the house still smelled vaguely of peesoap.)

Yay for pizza.

Also I was working on this.

Though it's got nothing to do with the messy kitchen. Except that I maybe could have a cleaner kitchen if I had no hobbies.

I can't tell you what it is (it's knitting). Or what it's going to be (an owl). Or when it'll be finished (today). Or who it's for (Ella's BFF Anneliese). Because it's a surprise.

So you can see at least 3 compelling reasons why I'm a bad blogger.

My apologies.

I'll get back to you once I dig out from under the dishes. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow afternoon please notify the authorities. The children will most likely notice I'm missing, but not until they get hungry which probably won't be until be dinner time (since there's at least enough cereal and carrots to last until then).

signing off,



Sarah--Well Rounded Birth Prep said...

This is awesome. Especially the multitasking aspect. I have kids to blame but no awesome hobbies (beyond childbirth education) to blame for my kitchen looking like that. At least you have knitting projects to show for it!

Bree M said...

I love that I'm not the only one with a horrible kitchen, but my kids are bitty things, its just hard to get to everything in the day.

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