Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poo free day 3

OK here we are. Day 3.

So I've been doing to poo-free thing now for three days. And I'm pleasantly surprised. My hair doesn't look bad at all. It actually looks pretty good. I keep waiting for the hammer to fall but so far so good. I'm guardedly optimistic. The shocking thing today was that while I was most worried about my hair being too oily it's actually dry. So today I put a little coconut oil on the ends after my shower (and while it was still damp). This was a FAIL. But operator failure I'm sure. The coconut oil made my hair really soft but I clearly used too much and now my hair is oily. Back to the drawing board. I'll work out all the kinks so none of you have to subject yourself to my failures. It's a process.

And on the chem free front, a couple of things:

1. I ran out of baby wash (we've had the same bottle since she was born) so I used the Dr. Bronner's lavender on Ella. Like two drops on a washrag. It's what I already use on her cloth wipes anyway but I honestly didn't want to give up the baby scented smell of wash and lotion. I love that dang smell. BUT, in the interest of being chem free I ditched it AND I also ditched the lotion and did our routine post bath massage with coconut oil. She loved it. (I mean she always loves it. It's a massage. Come on. ) If you have a baby go look at the back of your Johnson and Johnson. It's scary. I can't even pronounce the things in there. That can't be good.

2. I've been exclusively using the Charlie's on the dirtyclothesbusiness now for three days too and I have no cleanliness complaints. My only complaint is that I like soft fabric and I miss that a little (mostly in socks). I've been putting vinegar in the rinse but it's not the same. I make no guarantee that I can stick with the no softener deal. I'm a soft blankie junkie. Anyway, worst case I can get something less chemical-y.

3. Also coincidentally I ran out of toothpaste. The Man would be content to use baking soda (he is serious people) but I just can't do that. That's hardcore. I like a little mint. I've used Tom's which I like ok but I don't LOVE. Walmart was out of Tom's anyway but had Burt's Bees so I got that. It's 99.2% natural. Whatever that means. And it has fluoride. They make a fluoride free version but Walmart didn't have it (Have I mentioned I hate walmart). In any case, I like it pretty well. I'd buy it again. But I'm thinking of getting some toothsoap. Warning: If you like fluoride, don't read that.

4. TP Free. Well I'm still TP free. Nothing to report without a total overshare which no one wants so I'll leave well enough alone.

5. Birth control. While we are talking about being Chem free let me answer a question from one of the moms on a natural parenting group I am a member of. What do you use? Well... We don't use any. Not technically. I don't want to knock the pill takers out there, because I know it's a good option and I know that it's good for other things like cycle regulation and PMS management, but I think the pill is awful. I took it. I hated it. The Man hated it because I hated it. So I no longer take it. Depo is worse than the pill (don't even get me started). A diaphragm is a pain in the butt (also obv doesn't work as evidenced by my 12 year old). An IUD is less bad but still foreign and does release hormones. Also it prevents fertilized eggs from implanting. I'm not going to go all pro-life on everyone and I don't want to get in an abortion debate (Like the Man says, "No one really LIKES abortion.") but I don't personally like the thought of washing out a fertilized egg. That's just me. Anyway that leaves spermicide (chemical) and condoms (ew.ick.yuck.) and... natural family planning. So that's what we are doing. I takes a little planning and some paying attention on the momma's part (knowing your cycle, watching for your ovulatory signs etc) and either a backup or some other form of intimacy during fertile times. So, it's not for everyone. But it works for us. You know, until it doesn't work.

And time for quick reflection:

My dear friend Staci starts nursing school today. This calls to mind the memories of a January not that long ago when I too was starting nursing school. The 2 years passed quickly and before I knew it I held life in my hands. Literally. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to become a Registered Nurse. And I miss it. I miss holding the hands of the dying. I miss catching new life in my hands (if you don't know, I was a L&D nurse and then a Hospice nurse). But I don't miss it as much as I love being at home with my babies. And to Staci and all my Nurse friends: Bless you for choosing a path where sometimes the pay isn't worth the foot pain and sometimes you don't get lunch and sometimes people don't respect you and sometimes you question what the heck you got yourself into. You are chosen.


Anonymous said...

Going to class now :) love ya...Stace

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