Monday, January 24, 2011

Poo-free day 6/7

Well we are a week poo-free. OK it's been 7 days. I started last Tuesday. That's a week right? Thanks for joining us on this adventure in green living.

Here's the update:

Sadness has set. Please read on. While the Man's hair has taken well to the poo-free experiment mine is in full fledged protest. I will say two things. One: I expected my hair to be super duper exxon valdez oil spill oily. But in reality it is Sahara desert dry. Or at least the ends are anyway. We haven't reached horse hair status but we are coming close despite a variety of treatments. Conventional wisdom would suggest that I ought to skip a day of washing (or baking soda-ing as it were) but if I do that the hair that is closest to my head would be oily while the ends may recover. I will not be thwarted though. I will continue to tweak the recipe to less baking soda and more apple cider vinegar. I will probably do an egg, or avo-mayo treatment or some coconut oil to the ends tomorrow or later this evening. It's not that bad. It's just not that good. Also I have read to expect some scalp itching around the one week mark which has started. Two: I'm sticking to it. In the name of chem free living.

In other chem-free news: I took one of Ella's blankets from her armoire (it's a dresser really but it has a cabinet so technially an armoire) yesterday and it smelled so incredibly perfume-y I was downright nauseated. Here's the funny thing, previous to this experiment I was an absolute fabric softener fanatic. Like if the load ran and I forgot to put it in I'd RUN IT AGAIN. Like that. Now, I can't even stand it. Same with perfume, floral body lotion, plug in air fresheners and pretty much anything artificially smelly (though it's been a while since I didn't like the smell of those). Weird. Also weird, when there is no artificial smell you can just smell people. I have a theory about the smell of people though. It seems to me, though admittedly my experience only, and not a scientific experiment, the people you love smell good to you. Take away the perfume and see what you're left with. Turns out I like the smell of my sweaty husband. Hm.

What I smell right now is an apple pie baking.

As for the cleaning: I'll admit I haven't done a thorough cleaning of the house without any chemicals yet. This is mostly because I haven't done a thorough cleaning of my house ever. In any case as far as the chem-free thing goes I've scrubbed the floors and tubs and whatnot but I haven't run into anything really nasty that a little baking soda and vinegar or Dr. Bronner's can't handle.

In cooking news: I made two delicious loaves of french bread this weekend and was asked about how to make bread without a bread maker (I've never owned one so don't ask me how to make it with a bread maker because I can't). Look for a recipe and tutorial soon.

This is a lot to take in in one blog post. If you're still reading, thank you.

If you care to comment tell me what your favorite natural remedies and house cleaning tips are. :)


Britches said...

Ok, so I can only tell you this, I went to my local heath food store. Its called Whole Foods, anyway, they have Dr. Bronners so I can go more chem free, I'm excited. I also saw, and thought of you, Meyers drier sheets, also found some fabric softner liquid. But since reading this post, guess its not an issue any more. Just thought I'd let you know.

Lizzie said...

I hear you on the smells thing. I used to love vanilla, or sandalwood scented candles. No go now. Cannot cope with it at all. When we got to our home in AL, everything had been washed with the strongest stuff I had ever smelled. Every time I pulled something out of the oven with my pot holders...stand back. Yikes!

Joni said...

We have Whole Foods also. Target carries the Dr. B. too :)

Liz... if i were you I wouldn't put my hands in the oven at all.

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