Saturday, December 18, 2010

Handmade Christmas...Part 2

The follow up to the previous post. I meant to get this up Sunday but as it was, we barely got the tree up Sunday.

Where does the time go?

Target and Walmart mostly.

I hate that place. Really. It's like a vortex of pajama pants and grouchy people.

In addition to the bunting making we also strung some cranberries:

That's a lousy photo.

Sorry. I was too lazy to get the real camera. And my finger hurt from all the cranberry stringing.

This requires a bag of cranberries, a needle and thread (or fishing line) and a person patient enough to do it. We took turns. Turns out no one around her has enough patience to string 15 feet of cranberries alone.

We also dried some oranges (at 175 for a million hours... ok it was more like 4. And they still aren't completely dry ):

And hung them on ribbon:

Don't forget to compost the ends. Cause I'm crunchy like that.

Then there were the snowflakes:

No one wanted to cut them out... Why am I not surprised? They got on board quick enough.

I only had to threaten them a little bit.

And every one likes glitter. Especially me. And the floor. That's where most of it ended up.

Oh then there were the snowmen. I painstakingly picked out the perfect wool yarn. (not the black and grey ones. Those are Vanna Whites yarns. Yes, Vanna White now has yarn. What doesn't that woman do?) Used the cute little pom-pom makers to make a bunch of different sized pom-poms. Sewed them together. Cut out orange felt for carrot noses.

They look a little melted.

Oh well. Martha Stewart I am not.

There were also the beaded initial ornaments which I did not take a picture of. Oops. Please forgive me for losing my brain in the middle of making ornaments. If you look at the picture at the top of this post you'll see Ella's 'e'. It looks more like a loop, but you get the idea. This is the stuff we used to make them. It's 20 gauge wire, glass beads and ribbon. Oh and you need some needle nose pliers unless you want bloodied fingers.

Our tree has been up like forever and I'm just posting this.

Where does the time go?

Oh yeah, Walmart.

Also, I'm posting this from my husbands MacBook Pro cause he got a brand spankin' new one for work and if I'm well behaved and lucky I might get to periodically use this computer which is pretty fancy compared to my plain ol MacBook. How lucky am I?


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