Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handmade Christmas...Part 1


Here it is. I'd like to say it's much anticipated but I know it's not.

That's ok.

Here it is anyway.

Watch us turn this pile of stuff from Michael's....

into decorations:

Note: I took these photos with my iPhone 4. They aren't as good as photos takes with the Nikon D90 but they'll suffice. As an aside: the iPhone 4G is A-MAZ-ING. If you don't have one, I'm sorry.


Part one: Making bunting (for dummies):

This is easy. Like too easy. I would prefer to use fabric and sew bunting but, as I have previously mentioned, my sewing machice is tragically broken. Moving on.

1. Take some paper. Whatever kind you like. I bought this at Michael's for $11 and change. It was on sale from $19.99. I would have still bought it if it weren't on sale, cause, well, I liked it, and I'm a glutton like that. We used less than half the paper by the way. The rest of it will go into "that" place. You know the place. Where craft supplies go to die. Then: Add to your paper, some ribbon (or twill tape like we used), scissors (or papercutter) and a stick of glue. Oh don't forget a beat up ol' ruler that your husband has had for like a billion years. You should always have some beat up thing of your husbands for crafts.

2. Now, disclaimer: There are several ways to do this. Hubs has a degree in mathematics. Therefore, you know the process of determining the most efficient way to cut a diamond was fun. Because I wanted to let the Big Kids be helpful and we only have one paper cutter, we opted to do it this way... Using the papercutter, cut your paper into strips of whatever width you'd like your bunting to be. Ours is 3 inches wide. Then cut it to double whatever length you'd like it to be. Ours will be 4 finished inches so the cut is 8. Like so:

3. Then mark the center of your paper on the 3 inch side (at 1.5 inches. Cause that's half). Like this:

4. Then either take your paper cutter and cut from the top corner to the mark like this:

OOOOOR use some scissors and eyeball it and cut it. Whether or not your scissors have been chewed up by your jerk of a dog because your kids left them outside is up to you.

Those are my hands. I need a manicure. Please forgive me for the abysmal state of my nails.

4. Once you've cut out what will surely feel like a zillion little flags, fold them over onto themselves. I'm not including a photo of that because, well, it's just folding. I had the kids do this part. They didn't like it.

At all.

I am including a photo of the aftermath though. Don't forget to recycle so you aren't consumed with guilt because all the paper you just wasted.

It's a lot. I'm thinking about inventing a craft just for this paper.

Nah. I'll just recycle it.

Ok. I feel better.

5. After that you just glue them over a ribbon or piece of twill tape. We used twill tape by Martha Stewart cause I'm a snob that way. Somehow something costing twice the price because it has her name on it just makes it feel special. (Not really, I just liked the cloudy blue color.) Also, be sure to put glue all the way to the bottom. This seems logical and kind of a given but it's worth mentioning because if you don't, all your work will be for naught as your flags pop open.

And this is what you end up with.

Bam. Bunting. Kindergarten style.

Good luck.

Tomorrow we will be putting this, and the rest of the ornaments we are crafting today, on our tree. Not today. I'm tired. Tomorrow.

Up next Part 2, 3 and 4: Beaded initials, dried oranges, cranberry garland and Pom Pom snowmen.

AKA fighting over who got the most beads, he got more beads than me, why did he get more beads than me; UGH why does it take 4 hours to dry oranges in the oven, this is taking forEVER; how come I have to string all the cranberries, these don't even taste good. GROSS; and MOOOOOOOMMMMMM, I want to use the Pom Pom maker first.

Stay tuned.


the lady with the wool pom pom fuzz all over her pants.


Britches said...

I love that your making your own decorations, its something that my family started a few years back. I also love how you've put the family dynamic in the blog, ie the kids fighthing and such because that is how it is in my house as well. I just love your blogs, when I need a smile I just come and read up and I am better because you make me laugh when I need to.

Mom of M&Ms said...

umm if you ever talked to me I could have told ya about the Pioneer Woman..., Nice that ya quit your job. Hope that is all that it is cracked up to be.. have fun wit hthat music room, or what ever it is... I am off the find an island for my new fab kitchen..Love ya

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