Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas tree... old fashioned style

Watch as we turn this.....

Into a tree full of ornaments.

AKA... we don't have any Christmas decorations.

It's a long story. I'd rather not go into it.

Suffice it to say, it's better to be happy than to have a house that looks magazine worthy.

In that light, and in light of the fact that I'm now unemployed (*See below) and trying to be frugal, we are making all of our Christmas tree ornaments. Or most of them anyway. I think. As long as we all survive the crafting process.

Here's what's messed up, I could have bought cheap ornaments for less.

But whatever.

Beautiful bunting, wooly snowmen, shiny beaded initials, dried oranges and cranberry strands forthcoming.

Stay tuned...

*Yes. For those who haven't previously heard (or read) I did actually quit my Job Thursday. My boss looked a little like I hit her in the face with a 2x4, but it's done.

No going back.

I am again among the ranks of the At Home Mothers.

YAY! :)


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