Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sew Something Sunday

So... In anticipation of our adventure to the Big City, Ella could not be without proper head attire. She's thrilled about going to San Francisco. I can tell because she asked me to make sure she has outfits that fit in with the other Big City babies. And hats. Lots of hats. Also she likes chocolate from Ghirardelli's I'm pretty sure. And the Golden Gate Bridge (well the park at least). And The Museum of Modern Art. And Union Square. Who doesn't like Union Square?

Alas here's what I've come up with so far:

Pink Pom-Pom with felt appliques. This is so ridiculously easy to make (well if you know how to crochet, if you don't then you've got a bit of a problem). I whipped it up in probably an hour or so (if you subtract the time I spent changing diapers/breastfeeding/cleaning up/scolding Sean for saying 'I hate you' to his sister/folding laundry... if you don't subtract that, it took me 5 hours). It's made with some snazzy wool blend yarn with a label that has a lady riding a horse on it. If nothing else, the label would have sold me, but in any case, it was on sale for $3.99 at Michael's. This is not a value priced yarn I realize however, I've made two different sizes and I've still got lotsa yarn left. Love those scraps (not really, how many scrappy round ripples can I make?). The felt was $.29 a sheet. They were out of yellow. That's really inconsequential except I was pretty ticked. How do you run completely OUT of felt? Jerks. Anyway. We used green, blue, purple, orange and white.

Mouse with floppy ear (this version has tassles and earflaps because I was making a demo for Ella's sister Kelsey and she requested them). In the interest of not providing Ella with a germ collecting/slobber attracting/choke hazarding device I will remove these. As for now, because Ella is motivated by nothing more that a clean diaper and breast, she thinks they are for sucking on and promptly starts rooting in that cute little I don't mind if you suck on my cheek way that babies do. The ears are floppy, which is ironic because every woman in my family has such ears. It has yet to be determined if Ella is blessed with such a gift. I used Vanna's yarn for this one (yep. Vanna White has yarn). It crochets up pretty nice and it's cheap-ish :)

I am now in the process of making one more that is Matt's suggestion with my alterations. It includes a sun and cloud motif. It's going to be brilliant.


Val McCormick Photography said...

Joni, I totally love reading your post!!! I have to make time every time I see a new post to pop on over! I have to share with my fans and clients! I agree with attachment parenting 100%!!! If would love if you made your hats and put up on etsy. I would love to barter a sample for some pics???? I have a newborn session at the end of November/beginning of December :-)

Joni said...

Thanks Val! I've heard that esty suggestion before but it seemed like there were so many I'd never get a hit. Maybe though. Anyway I could whip some up for you quick and would of course love pics anytime you're here. What sort of headwear would you like and will the babe be a newborn at time of session?

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