Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cit-ay: day 3

This will actually be a short blog. I'm not lying. I know, alert the presses, right?

As promised... day 3 synopsis.

It wasn't quite as eventful as days one or two, but more fun because we were with Daddy (YAY!). I'm thankful that Daddy called the bay home for enough years to be able to take us around town without getting lost (as I most certainly would have). And also that he can parallel park.

We started our day with Bob's Donuts. Daddy ran (literally) to the store in the early morning (a mile or so from the hotel I guess) while Ella and I enjoyed our last moments on the Hilton linens (they are fabulous btw). He didn't have running shoes (or shorts, or shirt) so he did this in jeans and brown dress shoes. He's that good. The kind Asian lady at Bob's told Daddy he could eat donuts because he ran. He returned, pastries in hand, slightly sweaty but still astonishingly fresh looking. We had the apple fritters and other tasty things. Yum.

After donuts and readying (which is not exactly like it used to be when it takes me an hour just to dry my hair in between diapers and feedings) we set out to do some touristy stuff. Namely Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts. A year ago my sweet and I sat around the water at the Palace of Fine Arts eating sandwiches and talking about our future. Oh how things have changed wonderfully in the last year.

Us at Crissy Field (a good view of the GG Bridge). Daddy took this picture using the "stretch your own arm out in front of you" picture taking method and it turned out far better than the alternative "ask a British tourist to take your picture" picture taking method. We can both complain about our hair because the wind was, well windy. Ella had her hat though (plus she has so little hair it's irrelevant).
We then went to Nini's in Burlingame which is basically the best place ever to get breakfast. Ever. But we didn't get breakfast because it was 1 pm. I guess we both felt a little conspicuous ordering pancakes for lunch. After that is was into San Mateo to a great little toy store (well not so little) where we got the kiddies some treasures and me an AWESOME 3D puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle. My favoritist castle ever (I mean that's not saying much since I haven't been to like a hundred castles or anything but this one is fantastic). It was probably the only castle I cared to see when I was living in Germany because it looks like something right out of a Disney movie and I'm totally into that fairytale crap (Not really, but what other reason is a castle appealing?). Just as a short history lesson King Ludwig II (it was his castle, though I'm sure you figured that out) died in the lake just below the castle. Hm. The water was only knee deep. Hm. You can read about it here. I'm not trying to force a history lesson upon you or anything but he drown in knee deep water AND he was an excellent swimmer. And his psychiatrist was with him and ALSO drown. Dun. Dun. Dun.

This is Ludwig: Fantastic hair right?

That concludes the history lesson.

This also concludes the blog post.

Next time: We'll talk about, well I don't know yet, I wait for inspiration. We might just talk about 12 year old boy's hormones. Because our house is currently overrun with them. And I fear I might be losing my mind.


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